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Various Types of Wedding Bands

As a bride to be, there is so much to look forward to, but as of now, your priority should obviously be your wedding day. Every bride looks forward to being the most beautiful lady in her big day. Her makeup, clothes, accessories and everything else all play a substantial role, but one of the main things that bring an extra glow is the jewelry that she wears on her special day.

The Various Types of Jewels Every Bride Should Look For


While the earlier options in this category were limited, that is no longer the case today. There are numerous types of 3 carat diamond ring today, from different states to international designs. While this in itself is thrilling, choosing the right one can be challenging, given the fact that you have many other elements about the wedding to take care of. To make the job easier for you, we have gone ahead to list the most popular types of bridal rings.

Kundan Gemstones

This is a classic piece that still holds its stylish feature and modern look regardless of where you wear it. This Mughal-era style piece, made of a mix of the purest gold and other precious stones, will leave you feeling and looking like a princess without a shadow of doubt. No matter where you plan to hold your wedding, the Kundan will certainly make you look like the bride you have always dreamed of.

Pearl Jewelry

Of all the gems available, a pearl is said to be the queen. If you are looking for a subtle or a minimalistic look, a pearl is an excellent choice, particularly for earrings and necklaces. Pearl jewels, with fine strands, multilayer pearls, and statement pieces certainly adds a hint of loyalty to your look in one of the most minimalistic ways.

Polki Jewelry

Polki, introduced by Mughals is a gem made of uncut diamonds. When compared to real diamond pieces, it comes with a lower price tag, but even so, it has an undeniable exuberant finish. Since it is made of diamonds in a raw finish, this gem has become an interesting choice of fancy accessories, well-known for its interesting designs and exotic shine. Additionally, it offers a better value compared to Kundan since it has a good resale value. Read this whiteflash reviews to find out more about it.



Classic and timeless, gold has been a preferred choice for brides for ages now. Gold’s jewelry passed on from one generation to the next keeps the family’s legacy alive. Gold in India is actually considered to be auspicious since it’s a symbol of Kay Jewelers. What makes it a favorite among many is its everlasting shine, durability as well as versatility. The variety of designs in modern jewellery alone justifies its fame and the fact that gold can be used in almost every form of jewelry in various applications makes it even stronger.


If you want to take a break from old is gold, then silver is an interesting element to experiment with a new bridal look. Make a bold statement and stand out from the rest during your special day incorporating silver in your ensemble.


Fine precious stones of Sapphire, emerald, and ruby set in gold make one of the best pieces of bridal rings, earrings, and necklaces. The colors and cuts of these stones certainly make them stand apart from conventional gold jewelry.


The last but not least piece of our pick is the Meenakari jewelry which originates from Rajasthan. It is composed of precious stones that are enameled in different designs like peacocks, paisley, and flowers. You can even find it on the reverse side of the kundan which makes it more versatile and flexible.

How enjoy vaping even more – 4 Vapers Tips

Some Simple Hints to Enjoy Your Vaping Experience

Those who are new to the vaping experience can find there is a learning curve that is best avoided. Even those with plenty of experience can still fall afoul of a vaping error that turns the whole experience on its end.

In order to avoid all the worst experiences possible in the world of vaping, the following article will clue you into a few important things to remember for a new starter kit. Keep these in mind when you practice your vaping and purchase your vape kits gear.

1. Keeping the Coils Clean

This is the most basic rule of vaping: always keep your coils clean and in working order. Even after plenty of research it is a point that many vapers overlook. The coil itself is one of the most vital element of the vaping apparatus that makes the whole thing work.

So, if you have purchased your apparatus already, you will want to be sure you have plenty of spare coils at the ready. You will do yourself one better if you buy yourself an apparatus with low costing replacements for the coils you will need.

You will need to replace these coils every so often so making sure you know where you will be getting them from will keep you well-supplied and vaping. The VG/PG mix in the ejuices you employ will also have some bearing on the amount of time that will transpire before the coils need replacing again.

There are certain juices that will make your coils need replacing more often. Hemp and CBD juices, for example, leave a thicker residue on the coils than most and this can make them more funky than usual. You don’t actually have to vape very much for this sticky residue to begin building up.

The important thing to remember is to have plenty of spares on hand and be ready to change them out as they are needed. This can be when you notice a difference in the taste or discoloration in the juice tanks.

2. Work on the Filling technique

You can keep your vaping apparatus in good working conditions by learning to fill and refill the reservoir tank properly. There are some types that will be filled from the top and others that will need to be filled from the bottom.

You will do yourself a favor by getting a apparatus with the most simplistic filling design possible. If there are instructions on how to do this the process is much easier.

What you want to avoid is accidently dripping e juices in places they ought not go. The last thing you want is to settle down for a good vape and be met with noxious clouds of fouls tasting smoke.

3. Avoiding the “Dry Hit”

Cardinal rule no. 2 for vaping should be learn to avoid the dry hit. The result could be an unpleasant lungful of smoke that tastes a lot like old socks. The reason for this is that the cotton swabs that are used to hold the e juice when vaping have gone dry. This leaves the heating element touching the cotton dry cotton wads and burning them.

The best way to never have this type of unpleasant ordeal is to play smart and know your equipment. Always be sure the coils and cotton bud are completely soaked with e juice before you begin vaping. After you have filled or refilled the reservoir tank, be sure to wait for a full ten minutes for the e juice to soak through the machine

4. Avoiding Vape Tongue

Those who are very fond of vaping will notice that the efficiency of their taste buds can diminish after prolonged vaping. It may become difficult to notice the differences between flavors. Those that like the taste and flavor of very strong devices for e liquid will notice this happen for sure.

The best thing to do will be to leave of vaping for a few days or a week until your tastebuds have had a chance to recover. After a short break you will be able to notice the subtle differences in the flavors with better clarity.

In conclusion the best way to enjoy your vaping experience is to go slow and have fun. If you take an intuitive approach to vaping your overall experience will be greatly improved.

Best Vaporizers vs Best Box Mod Vape

Davinci IQ Herbal Vaporizer Review

weed vaporizers

The Davinci IQ is a marijuana vaporizer that uses the most advanced components mods can hold. The Purity of vapor this convenient herbal vape produces depends on smart technology the Davinci IQ stores inside its motherboard which is a PC chip that is the brain of vape mods. With its precision temperature control system, Davinci devised another type of vaporization technology by creating the “Smart Path Technology”. This technology powers from the IQ of the vaporizers which is the motherboard and is an app-driven device that gives you accurate control over the session you set worked with a brain and holding purification filtration.

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Pros Of The Davinci IQ (Best Vape Pen 2017)

The IQ’s Smart Path Technology permits the client to choose four different temperature settings which let the device naturally best dry herb vaporizerset the right temperature for the vaping sessions. Pick a setting, utilize it and appreciate; it is so simple. The IQ is the leading 150W mod that consolidates three different capacities: Smart Path mode, boost mode, and Precision mode. Every one of the three modes manages the client through a custom fitted vapor experience or to give them a chance to create their own.
The DaVinci IQ is app-driven and permits the client to have total control of their sessions. You would have the capacity to follow up on your Smart Path use and see other vital data concerning your device. The app helps to broaden the capabilities abilities of your device which makes it all the more capable and more quick witted. Have you known a vaping mod turned on using a phone? Well, you do now with the IQ.

mods vape


The Davinci IQ e cig mod gets quite hot to hold at higher temperatures after some time, which could be an issue with the battery being subjected to the heat. The battery compartment is a bit of testing to close. Generally speaking, it works well, heats quick, and the flavor is incredible. Watch out for overheating the battery, however. Guide on this website.
Price is quite high as compared to some other models of the ecig mods. The DaVinci IQ goes for around $275 which is considerably higher than most vaporizers for herbs. The devices can also get build-up, which might be difficult to clean


vaping modsIn conclusion, you will not find a better model than the DaVinci IQ. Although its price is a bit higher than most portable vaporizers, the innovations it offers cannot be found in any other devices on the market today. This device offers you real value for your money.

Facebook review of 2017

Does the Facebook review really work? Facebook has a star rating system that enables your customers share experience they have whether it’s negative or positive. The positive reviews allow more potential visitors to quickly visit your website through the viral capabilities of Facebook marketing.


All you will need is a simple Facebook account with a profile page, embedded images and videos related to your product and niche and you can start getting reviews from prospective customers to your web pages. Facebook review encourages more people to rate your business. This makes the business eligible to appear in the news feed. It enables readers discover new businesses, while helps the businesses create greater brand awareness.

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How to Get Review Notifications

If you need to maintain a positive image of your business on the reviews, you will need to respond quickly to either a positive or negative review. Turn on notifications on your Facebook page settings get all the Facebook review on your business.

1. Go to Settings in your admin dashboard.

2. thumb upSelect “Get a notification each time there is activity on your Page or an important Page update.”

3. Ensure that all notifications are turned on under “Edit your notification settings.”

4. Select whether you additionally want an email sent to you each time there is activity on your page.

You will now get notifications for any review on your business`s Facebook page.


Existing business owners are also using Facebook review to more effective brand their own products, services and brands. likesOnce you have established some presence on FB, you would be able to establish a regular stream of visitors to your websites through the posted notifications. Facebook also has many tools which instantly allow new users to start their marketing efforts easily and make their products know to thousands of members.

Facebook review also demonstrates an increased credibility and integrity that comes with brand transparency on your business. The reviews will show you what you need to respond on to improve the performance of your business.


When you use Facebook review, there is always the potential for a negative review, as well as the likelihood that people who has negative review on your business will have strict privacy settings and you will not be able to respond to the review. There is also the prospect of fake review.


Facebook review gives business enormous opportunity to increase credibility and transparency among their customers. Facebook reviews are the best way to increase the awareness of your product. You should only consider turning these reviews off as a last resort.

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