How enjoy vaping even more – 4 Vapers Tips

Some Simple Hints to Enjoy Your Vaping Experience

Those who are new to the vaping experience can find there is a learning curve that is best avoided. Even those with plenty of experience can still fall afoul of a vaping error that turns the whole experience on its end.

In order to avoid all the worst experiences possible in the world of vaping, the following article will clue you into a few important things to remember for a new starter kit. Keep these in mind when you practice your vaping and purchase your vape kits gear.

1. Keeping the Coils Clean

This is the most basic rule of vaping: always keep your coils clean and in working order. Even after plenty of research it is a point that many vapers overlook. The coil itself is one of the most vital element of the vaping apparatus that makes the whole thing work.

So, if you have purchased your apparatus already, you will want to be sure you have plenty of spare coils at the ready. You will do yourself one better if you buy yourself an apparatus with low costing replacements for the coils you will need.

You will need to replace these coils every so often so making sure you know where you will be getting them from will keep you well-supplied and vaping. The VG/PG mix in the ejuices you employ will also have some bearing on the amount of time that will transpire before the coils need replacing again.

There are certain juices that will make your coils need replacing more often. Hemp and CBD juices, for example, leave a thicker residue on the coils than most and this can make them more funky than usual. You don’t actually have to vape very much for this sticky residue to begin building up.

The important thing to remember is to have plenty of spares on hand and be ready to change them out as they are needed. This can be when you notice a difference in the taste or discoloration in the juice tanks.

2. Work on the Filling technique

You can keep your vaping apparatus in good working conditions by learning to fill and refill the reservoir tank properly. There are some types that will be filled from the top and others that will need to be filled from the bottom.

You will do yourself a favor by getting a apparatus with the most simplistic filling design possible. If there are instructions on how to do this the process is much easier.

What you want to avoid is accidently dripping e juices in places they ought not go. The last thing you want is to settle down for a good vape and be met with noxious clouds of fouls tasting smoke.

3. Avoiding the “Dry Hit”

Cardinal rule no. 2 for vaping should be learn to avoid the dry hit. The result could be an unpleasant lungful of smoke that tastes a lot like old socks. The reason for this is that the cotton swabs that are used to hold the e juice when vaping have gone dry. This leaves the heating element touching the cotton dry cotton wads and burning them.

The best way to never have this type of unpleasant ordeal is to play smart and know your equipment. Always be sure the coils and cotton bud are completely soaked with e juice before you begin vaping. After you have filled or refilled the reservoir tank, be sure to wait for a full ten minutes for the e juice to soak through the machine

4. Avoiding Vape Tongue

Those who are very fond of vaping will notice that the efficiency of their taste buds can diminish after prolonged vaping. It may become difficult to notice the differences between flavors. Those that like the taste and flavor of very strong devices for e liquid will notice this happen for sure.

The best thing to do will be to leave of vaping for a few days or a week until your tastebuds have had a chance to recover. After a short break you will be able to notice the subtle differences in the flavors with better clarity.

In conclusion the best way to enjoy your vaping experience is to go slow and have fun. If you take an intuitive approach to vaping your overall experience will be greatly improved.