Facebook review of 2017

Does the Facebook review really work? Facebook has a star rating system that enables your customers share experience they have whether it’s negative or positive. The positive reviews allow more potential visitors to quickly visit your website through the viral capabilities of Facebook marketing.


All you will need is a simple Facebook account with a profile page, embedded images and videos related to your product and niche and you can start getting reviews from prospective customers to your web pages. Facebook review encourages more people to rate your business. This makes the business eligible to appear in the news feed. It enables readers discover new businesses, while helps the businesses create greater brand awareness.

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How to Get Review Notifications

If you need to maintain a positive image of your business on the reviews, you will need to respond quickly to either a positive or negative review. Turn on notifications on your Facebook page settings get all the Facebook review on your business.

1. Go to Settings in your admin dashboard.

2. thumb upSelect “Get a notification each time there is activity on your Page or an important Page update.”

3. Ensure that all notifications are turned on under “Edit your notification settings.”

4. Select whether you additionally want an email sent to you each time there is activity on your page.

You will now get notifications for any review on your business`s Facebook page.


Existing business owners are also using Facebook review to more effective brand their own products, services and brands. likesOnce you have established some presence on FB, you would be able to establish a regular stream of visitors to your websites through the posted notifications. Facebook also has many tools which instantly allow new users to start their marketing efforts easily and make their products know to thousands of members.

Facebook review also demonstrates an increased credibility and integrity that comes with brand transparency on your business. The reviews will show you what you need to respond on to improve the performance of your business.


When you use Facebook review, there is always the potential for a negative review, as well as the likelihood that people who has negative review on your business will have strict privacy settings and you will not be able to respond to the review. There is also the prospect of fake review.


Facebook review gives business enormous opportunity to increase credibility and transparency among their customers. Facebook reviews are the best way to increase the awareness of your product. You should only consider turning these reviews off as a last resort.

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