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Davinci IQ Herbal Vaporizer Review

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The Davinci IQ is a marijuana vaporizer that uses the most advanced components mods can hold. The Purity of vapor this convenient herbal vape produces depends on smart technology the Davinci IQ stores inside its motherboard which is a PC chip that is the brain of vape mods. With its precision temperature control system, Davinci devised another type of vaporization technology by creating the “Smart Path Technology”. This technology powers from the IQ of the vaporizers which is the motherboard and is an app-driven device that gives you accurate control over the session you set worked with a brain and holding purification filtration.

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Pros Of The Davinci IQ (Best Vape Pen 2017)

The IQ’s Smart Path Technology permits the client to choose four different temperature settings which let the device naturally best dry herb vaporizerset the right temperature for the vaping sessions. Pick a setting, utilize it and appreciate; it is so simple. The IQ is the leading 150W mod that consolidates three different capacities: Smart Path mode, boost mode, and Precision mode. Every one of the three modes manages the client through a custom fitted vapor experience or to give them a chance to create their own.
The DaVinci IQ is app-driven and permits the client to have total control of their sessions. You would have the capacity to follow up on your Smart Path use and see other vital data concerning your device. The app helps to broaden the capabilities abilities of your device which makes it all the more capable and more quick witted. Have you known a vaping mod turned on using a phone? Well, you do now with the IQ.

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The Davinci IQ e cig mod gets quite hot to hold at higher temperatures after some time, which could be an issue with the battery being subjected to the heat. The battery compartment is a bit of testing to close. Generally speaking, it works well, heats quick, and the flavor is incredible. Watch out for overheating the battery, however. Guide on this website.
Price is quite high as compared to some other models of the ecig mods. The DaVinci IQ goes for around $275 which is considerably higher than most vaporizers for herbs. The devices can also get build-up, which might be difficult to clean


vaping modsIn conclusion, you will not find a better model than the DaVinci IQ. Although its price is a bit higher than most portable vaporizers, the innovations it offers cannot be found in any other devices on the market today. This device offers you real value for your money.